Water Department

The Progress Water Department is governed by a three member Citizens' Board of Trustees, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.Marion Water Tower

The department employs eight field employees and five office staff. Eleven thousand eight hundred (11,800) metered accounts are serviced through a network of 155 miles of water mains, 2,000 water valves, and 1,320 fire hydrants.

Water is supplied by six deep wells, and four pumping stations, four ground storage tanks with a total capacity of 2,200,000 gallons, and three elevated storage tanks with a total of 2,000,000 gallons of capacity. 

The average daily water pumpage is 2,300,000 gallons. 

The water department's administrative offices are located at City Hall, 123 Main Street, and can be reached by telephoning (972) 555-6310. Emergency service (available 24 hours) can be reached by phoning (972) 555-6310. The pumping station located at 262 8th Avenue can be reached at (972) 555-1381. Steven Aderline is the administrator of this department.