Public Works Department

Public Services is divided up into three separate divisions. Each division maintains its own responsibilities and work program. The department, as a whole, employs 27 full-time and about an additional 8 part-time during the summer months.Public Services Facility 

The department also has a Public Services Board which consists of five citizens, appointed by the Mayor, that oversee the daily operations of the department.

Street Maintenance/Traffic Division:

The primary responsibility of this division is the maintenance and repair of residential streets. This includes repair of asphalt and cement streets, street sweeping, and tree trimming. This division is also responsible for maintenance of traffic signs and signals.

Sewer Maintenance Division:

This division is responsible for maintenance and repairs to sanitary and storm sewer systems, including interceptor lines. Their work involves flushing, cleaning, and televising of the lines as well as repairs to inlets and castings.

Solid Waste Division:

This division is responsible for collection of solid waste, recycling, and yard waste within the residential neighborhoods of Progress. They also operate the recycling drop off center and compost center at the 35th Street location. This division is responsible for special trash pick up services and large brush pick ups on a weekly basis. (To schedule a special pick up, phone 972-555-6367.)

If work with the potential to disrupt daily lifestyles is scheduled for your neighborhood, Public Services crews will leave a door tag to alert you.

The overall director of the public services department is Lowell Riley. The department, located at 174 35th Street, can be reached by phoning 972-555-6367.