Planning & Development Department

Created by:  Dave HockettThe Progress Planning and Development Department provides professional services related to planning and zoning.  In addition the department is responsible for the development and implementation of various long-range plans, reviewing and approving development proposals for new construction, creation and administration of many capital improvement projects.

The Progress Planning and Development Department is located on the second floor of the Progress City Hall at 123 Main Street and maintains regular business hours of 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday. 

Responsibilities also include administration of subdivisions and similar platting matters; administration of street and alley vacations, variances and conditional uses; preparation and administration of grant applications; assistance to existing and new businesses for the purpose of economic development; and development and implementation of the City's Comprehensive Plan.

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for administration of all planning and zoning matters within the City of Progress, including providing technical assistance to the following Boards and Commissions:

  • Marion City Council
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Central Business District Urban Reviatilization Design Review Committee
  • Central Business District Urban Reviatilization Plan
  • Central Corridor Brownfields Steering Committee

All meetings are open to the public and anyone is encouraged to attend.  All meetings are conducted at the Progress City Hall.  If you should have questions regarding any of the meetings please contact Arlene Williams at 972-555-6320.

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for administration and enforcement of the following codes and City projects: 

  • Progress Subdivision Regulations (Chapter 175)
  • Progress Zoning Regulations (Chapter 176)
  • Cultural & Entertainment District Survey Results
  • Zoning Code Update
  • City of Progress - Resident Housing Survey
  • Metro-Area Hazard Mitigation Plan - DRAFT (Full Report is available for review at the Progress Planning and Development Department)
  • Tower Terrace Road Corridor Committee
  • Smith Park Sub Area Planning Committee

If you have any questions or comments regarding Planning and Development Department activities please feel free to contact the following us at 972-555-6320: